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Finding a Balance

So I have officially stopped working for the company I was previously employed with for 2 weeks. Which means I am home full-time, completely vested in my business and I have absolutely no distractions what-so-ever. Yeah, right! Before I stopped working I envisioned how I would spend my days, focused on photography and working to expand my business but boy was I wrong!

I have been home before with my kids for extended periods of time, due to health complications, but nothing like this- where there is no time frame as to when I will be returning back to work. So now, it's a little bit different. I wake up (I actually have made enough time for me to work out every morning- yeah for me!) and my day is pretty much consumed with things I need to do for myself, for my kids, for my husband, for my home, and then lastly for my business! I'll be honest, I work myself to the core trying to keep everyone happy that I get so overwhelmed with balancing it all. My husband says I have a constant need to keep my plate full, especially when it comes to my girls. Just this week I made the decision to completely redecorate their room; meaning I am selling their furniture, buying new furniture, shopping for bedding and accessories, and everything in between. My husband asked me "Why are you doing this now?" and all i could say was, "Well they have too much clothes and they need more drawer space." (Blush) Even as I write this, I know I am overwhelming myself with this project, as I know I can think of at least 25 other things I can be doing to improve my photography.

But my business isn't completely on the back burner, as I am prepping for my first big wedding this year, finishing up some editing on my last graduation session, and then starting on a 60th birthday party I just photographed this past weekend. On top of that, I just registered for a photography and lighting class for next month. If all goes well, I may try to get state certified in photography. I am also so excited to be doing an engagement session in Laguna Beach next week (1000 Steps Beach...OMG so beautiful) and working with my very best friend to plan her maternity shoot in a few weeks!

My plate is definitely full (as I type I am BBQing, playing referee as my kids color on the table, and texting the family that I sold my kid's dressers to) but I told myself I needed to vent a little, especially when I am getting overwhelmed.

I am currently formulating a summer special to send out to all my subscribers this month, so if you haven't subscribed do it now!

Thanks for taking the time to read this and if you can relate, have feedback, or just want to acknowledge that I am not the only Mommy feeling like this please feel free to do so!

Have a great summer!!!

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